When we are attuned with our children we give them the gift of feeling secure and loved.  I know that every parent has this intention. I look forward to helping you create deeper relationships with your family.

While parenthood has unexpected joys and rewards, it also has unexpected difficulties. Children go through developmental changes very quickly as they grow. It can be a challenge to keep up with these changes and adjust our parenting appropriately. It is essential as parents to be able to make time to reflect about parenthood.

I especially enjoy working with parents as they are transitioning into parenthood. That postpartum time is an enormous transition. I have had the deep honor of supporting many families as they learn to become parents.

Therapy can help if you are struggling with:

  • transitioning into parenthood

  • postpartum depression or anxiety

  • negotiating parenting roles

  • co-parenting with a divorced partner

  • increased anxiety or depression

  • self destructive behaviors

  • anger management

  • blending two families

  • family transition

  • family crisis

  • discipline

  • power struggles

  • difficulty with daily routines


Additionally I offer nation wide parent coaching. Coaching supports parents to create a plan to help their children with specific behavioral goals. Please see my coaching website at if you're interested to learn more.